Professional Events

DCfempreneur hosts an average of four events a month all over the Washington, DC area. Our networking, informational and professional events provide opportunities to connect, collaborate, discuss challenges and learn from the collective.

Increased Reach & Visibility

Plug into our professional community, both online or in-person for support and to enjoy a sense of belonging. Increase your visibility with our member directory, attending events, by being a featured speaker, cohost a workshop, contributing to the DCfempreneur Podcast or Blog. 

A Supportive Community

We are a community of like minded fempreneurs  who share in the belief that we are "Better Together" in that we can learn more, go further and grow faster when we work together. Collectively, by tapping into the knowledge and skills of the members in the community, we can learn more efficiently to grow our businesses faster.

Stay in the Know

New events, programs and opportunities to network in various locations across the DC & NoVa area are added daily. Don't miss a chance to be visible and grow your business. Subscribe to the DCfempreneur newsletter to stay in the know.

Why DCfempreneur

DCfempreneur offers community to connect professional female entrepreneurs both online and in-person, by providing support, networking opportunities, collaboration, continuing education, and helpful resources and guidance to help them set intentional goals that will impact their business to make it purposeful and profitable.

The DCfempreneur community via the Facebook group and Meetup group provides opportunities for women entrepreneurs to:

  • Network, outreach, and grow their business
  • Receive and share advice, expertise, strategies, guidance, education, encouragement, and enjoy a sense of community with other fempreneurs
  • Share resources to help each other with the challenges we face, problem solve, and learn new skills
  • Collaborate and build strategic partnerships to grow and expand
  • Build rapport with other women and share referrals
  • Connect with like-minded women with similar business & life goals for accountability, to action plan, and help you succeed in your business
  • Network in new venues and locations all across the DC & NoVa areas that fits into your busy schedule
  • Enjoy a unique calendar of events and activities

Are you looking for like-minded driven women who are committed to setting ambitious goals, collaborating, and ready to take their business to the next level, as you are? Then you’re in the right place. By becoming a part of our community, you can expect energetic support, inspiration, and feedback in a positive community/comfortable setting.

For more about the founder of DCfempreneur, Lisa Shapiro, click About.

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Next Steps...

Network in new venues and locations all across the DC & NoVa areas that fit into your busy schedule. Join us to contribute to a growing community of fempreneurs leading their best lives. 

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