5 Mental Roadblocks Standing In The Way Of Your Success As An Entrepreneur

Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. On top of managing your clients or customers, you have to wear ALL the hats: the marketer, tech support, the books-balancer… Not to mention, there are some obstacles that you may have to overcome that have nothing to do with the logistics of running your business: mental roadblocks.

If you aren’t careful, these mental roadblocks can sabotage your success before you have a chance to make any real progress. Being able to identify these roadblocks are the first step to combating them. Recognize any of these?

Is our own mindset setting us back?
  1. Doubting your capabilities – Being confident in yourself can make a huge difference in whether or not you are successful. Have you ever heard the saying, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right?” If you don’t believe in your own abilities how can you expect others to? When you believe in yourself internally, your beliefs manifest into actions externally. Your confidence also inspires others to be confident in the investment they make in you.

  2. Worrying what others will think – When you are just starting your business, it can be scary to dive into the unknown. You might worry about failing and what others will think, but this isn’t the time to cloud your head with negative thoughts. It’s time to put your head down, blinders on, and get to work. Don’t worry about what others are doing or thinking, because that is only going to bring you more stress in the long-term. Focus on what you can do in the here and now.

  3. Being afraid to try new things – It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone, but when you have a business, sticking only to what you know is pretty much a death wish. It’s nearly impossible to make any real notable progress without trying something new or taking a risk. If something isn’t working in your business, take a critical look at what it will take to change it and then just try it! If it fails, you’ll have learned a valuable lesson you can bring with you moving forward. If it’s a success, keep repeating it until it’s time to try something new.

  4. Underestimating what you are worth – Pricing your services or products can be one of the trickiest parts about running a business. You want to ensure you pricing reflects not just the time or resources you put into your product or service, but also your expertise. Don’t fall prey to the belief that you will catch more clients with a cheaper price and devalue your offerings. Decide on a price that speaks to your true value. Also, don’t let clients try to talk you down. Bargain-hunters are some of the worst clients out there because they always seem to find a way to cause you loads of grief and headaches down the road.

  5. Lacking vision for your business – You wouldn’t plan a road trip without a map so why would you run your business without a vision of where you are going? Without a proper vision, you’ll easily end up feeling lost or overwhelmed. On the other hand, having a clear vision for your business will help you feel grounded and give you a foundation to plan your business around. Paint a picture of what success looks like and it will be easier to actually achieve it.

Are you struggling with any of these mental roadblocks? Now that you know what to look for, hopefully you can stop these negative thoughts before they even fully develop. What mental roadblocks are you facing in your business? Share about it in the comments.


Guest Blog Post by Contributor, Kristin Pruis, Brand Strategist

I help female entrepreneurs create gorgeous high-end brands to position them as influencers and authorities in their niche. I provide the visual tools they need, such as logos and websites, to help them project confidence about their business and to help them touch the lives of others with their natural talents. I want the women I work with to feel empowered by having a partner who can see their dream and help them translate it into a reality with outstanding visuals and designs.

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