82 Days Left in 2018! What Did You Accomplish?

Back in May 2018, I posted about my goal setting for 2018 using Powersheets, the ultimate Intentional Goal Planner. Simply stated, the PowerSheets are used to help you decide what you really want to accomplish in your year. It teaches you to break down the goals that you said were purposeful into smaller monthly, weekly, and daily goals. It has absolutely been life-altering for me in 2018.

Remember how I complained about how I had made very little progress? Or rather, I had made some progress, at least in cultivating my health and wellness goals, like drinking more water, cutting out soda (which I tried doing for the last 6 years unsuccessfully), being more active, just to name a few.

With only 82 days left in 2018, I want to look back on this year and know how much progress I’ve made. How does a planner junkie like me know that? Oh easily, by looking at how far I’ve come in my PowerSheets. For example, in January 2018, I wrote as a daily goal that I’d drink 16oz water daily, have no soda, and eat clean. By April, I checked off almost every single day as completing that “cut out soda” goal. In fact, by May, I had discovered that when I end up really wanting soda is when I ate fast food. So what did I do? I made it a daily goal in May to cut out fast food. I am proud to say that in May, June, and July,  I checked off almost every single day as completing that goal.

By August, I had nearly mastered the no soda and no fast food goal, that I combined them into one single daily goal in my August’s “Tending List”.


Now in October, on one single line is: No Soda, No Fast Food, Drink 16oz water and completing all 3 steps of my Thrive program. So far this month, I checked off almost every single day as completing that goal. So does PowerSheets work? Absolutely. But you have to be the one to put in the work!

Also, using the PowerSheets and setting intentional goals has helped me not only cultivate healthy habits but lose weight. At this time last year, I was at least 10 lbs. heavier. I am feeling much more healthy, and I am much more confident about how I look! My clothes are fitting way better and I can finally see a photo of myself without being upset that my face is too round or that I look fat!

I am super excited for the release of the 2019 PowerSheets on October 24 at 10:00am! I’d love to hear from you how you set goals for yourself.

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