What is DCfempreneur?

Launched in February 2019, DCfempreneur offers community to local DC area female entrepreneurs that collectively seek to combine and share skills, knowledge and expertise to help impact and grow their businesses to make them more purposeful, profitable and sustainable. We support the community through networking opportunities, collaboration, & professional events, both online and in-person, including continuing education, helpful resources and support.

Founded by Lisa Shapiro, DCfempreneur is led by 16+ Founding Members who are professional business owners with a combined 100+ years of entrepreneurial expertise in accounting, business, finance, cyber security, marketing, graphic design, psychology, coaching, beauty, health & wellness & more!

We are a community of like-minded fempreneurs who share in the belief that we are "Better Together", and can do more and grow faster when we work together. We believe that with all things in life, you will get more when you give as much as you take. Collectively we offer energetic positive support and inspiration to keep going, to take action daily, and build your business by tapping into the knowledge and skills of the community at large. Cherry on top? Find your tribe and Biz Besties and enjoy a sense of belonging by with those who truly seek genuine lasting connections rather than a body for a sales transaction.

Founding Members Melissa Maillett, Sandy Bishop, Mary Due Dahill & Linda Aivalotis
Founding Members Melissa Maillett, Sandy Bishop, Mary Due Dahill & Linda Aivalotis
DCfempreneur Founder, Lisa Shapiro at the Fempreneur Mastermind Reception.

About the Founder: Who is Lisa? Native Washingtonian, Born Entrepreneur.

"For as long as I can remember, I have always thrived on the feeling of being a part of something—creating something where I saw there was a need.

I have history. In the 6th grade, I was disappointed that there was no school newsletter. I saw a need for the students to have a voice, so I started one myself.

In high school, everyone had pagers (and no, Ma, we weren't drug dealers). So what did I do? I became a re-seller. Boom! I was an instant entrepreneur. I sold the equipment and service to my friends cheaper than the larger companies. Yes, I made some money, but most importantly, it made me feel alive!

As a teen, what did I spend my money on? No, not makeup. I spent it all on dining out. I was a foodie before I knew what a foodie was. I was obsessed with DC food critics. I wanted to be just like them. It was my dream job!

In 2007, I started a food blog, Dining in DC (the original blog the .net site is offline). It was my passion, for years. I ate (duh) and breathed the DC food scene. I loved being a part of the blogger community."

After establishing Dining in DC, a few years later, I joined forces with three other incredibly talented influential bloggers to form a media/marketing company, 4Bitten Media (and we made good money) and became life-long friends."

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After 8+ long years, (and 15 lbs heavier) I sold my blog and decided it was time for a new adventure. Little did I know that my true passion is being an entrepreneur and creating community!

I created the DCfempreneur community for all of those women out there who truly want to live the life of their dreams and turn their passion into profit!"
<---- See a little bit of a resemblance, eh?

Well ... when you create something that comes from you and is a passion of yours, it makes perfect sense to me that they are similar, since it's a reflection of who we are, authentically.