Who is Lisa? Native Washingtonian, Born Entrepreneur.

"For as long as I can remember, I have always thrived on the feeling of being a part of something—creating something where I saw there was a need.

I have history. In the 6th grade, I was disappointed that there was no school newsletter. I saw a need for the students to have a voice, so I started one myself.

In high school, everyone had pagers (and no, Ma, we weren't drug dealers). So what did I do? I became a re-seller. Boom! I was an instant entrepreneur. I sold the equipment and service to my friends cheaper than the larger companies. Yes, I made some money, but most importantly, it made me feel alive!

As a teen, what did I spend my money on? No, not makeup. I spent it all on dining out. I was a foodie before I knew what a foodie was. I was obsessed with DC food critics. I wanted to be just like them. It was my dream job!

In 2007, I started a food blog, Dining in DC (the original blog the .net site is offline). It was my passion, for years. I ate (duh) and breathed the DC food scene. I loved being a part of the blogger community."

After establishing Dining in DC, a few years later, I joined forces with three other incredibly talented influential bloggers to form a media/marketing company, 4Bitten Media (and we made good money) and became life-long friends."

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After 8+ long years, (and 15 lbs heavier) I sold my blog and decided it was time for a new adventure. Little did I know that my true passion is being an entrepreneur and creating community!

I created the DCfempreneur community for all of those women out there who truly want to live the life of their dreams and turn their passion into profit!"
<---- See a little bit of a resemblance, eh?

Well ... when you create something that comes from you and is a passion of yours, it makes perfect sense to me that they are similar, since it's a reflection of who we are, authentically.