Meeting Space

Host your events, client meetings and workshops in our conference rooms and meeting space.


Enjoy a sense of belonging and support with professional female entrepreneurs, the members of the DCfempreneur community.


The Fempreneur Collaborative is a supportive fem-focused coworking environment.


Our networking, informational and professional events provide opportunities to learn, connect and collaborate.


Join our coach-led Fempreneur Mastermind program to learn from the collective experience of the members.

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Why The Fempreneur Collaborative?

In January 2019, DCfempreneur, LLC was founded with the mission is to offer community to support professional female entrepreneurs both online and in-person, by providing networking opportunities, collaboration, continuing education, helpful resources and guidance to help impact their businesses to make them more purposeful and profitable. In 2019, DCfempreneur hosted more than 50 events, an average of 4 per month.

After a year of hosting events all over the Washington, DC area, DCfempreneur Founder, Lisa Shapiro decided that the members of the community would be best served in a dedicated physical space where we could continue our mission. We are in the process of securing said space. We are currently seeking early investors, sponsors and potential future Founding Members of the Fempreneur Collaborative. We do not have a potential opening date.

We have offered community, a sense of belonging, energetic positive support, inspiration, and learning opportunities to many female business owners. We believe that we are "Better Together", and can do more, grow faster, go further when we work together. For the past year, DCfempreneur has brought businesses together, and those members have formed collaborations and are growing their businesses by working together.

Why The Fempreneur Collaborative is Needed:

  • There is a need for an energized positive professional work environment for female entrepreneurs who want to focus on the growth of their business, as well as, professional development and knowledge share, but want to stay close to their home and family in the Fairfax area.
  • There are no community or coworking spaces, especially dedicated to female entrepreneurs in the Fairfax, VA area; a safe place for like-women to gather and connect.
  • Coworking memberships are often too expensive and out of reach for many new startups, but are in desperate need of support and resources.
  • Many women who work from home or work remotely feel isolated.
  • Women go to a coffee shop to cowork and absorb energy of being around others, but everyone is head down, ear buds in, and no one is connecting.
  • Meeting new people and having a sounding board for your ideas is important because one person, idea, connection, or perspective can change the entire trajectory of your life and business.
  • Lack of affordable meeting space to host events or workshops. Many office or meeting spaces charge $75 to $400 per hour.
  • A professional space to meet with clients, team, or host an event without having to pay exuberant fees.

Who's in DCfempreneur?

DCfempreneur is comprised of our 20 Founding Members, the 10-12 Fempreneur Mastermind participants, and the 25+ Fempreneur Advocate Business (FAB) Members. Our membership grows daily, all ambitious fempreneurs excited about joining our amazing community comprised of many who are like-minded and ready to grow her business to its fullest potential! See the Member Directory to see Who's in.

Ready to Support Female Entrepreneurs?!

We are seeking supporters who are excited about our mission and want to support our amazing community comprised of female entrepreneurs!

Interested in more information to become a Founding Member of the Fempreneur Collaborative? Please submit the contact us form below.