Applying Gratitude to Your Life Every Day


The circle of life is making itself apparent to me in more than one way. My very first post on this blog back in Feb. 2012, is all about me wanting to have a mindset of gratitude and I discuss the practice of applying gratitude in your life. It seems that I am back where I started.

In July, I abandoned my lovely and coveted Erin Condren Planner and replaced it with the Day Designer—a more practical tool for time blocking (better for time management), identifying the top 3 important tasks of the day and having a daily To Do list, as well as … you guessed it a space to write what you’re thankful day for each day. Looking back, I did write down something in my small gratitude box, a few days. Okay, barely.

Just yesterday I saw that the Day Designer company was offering a free download to practice gratitude daily for—you guessed it, 21+ days.

There is a helpful blog post on the Day Designer website about the download and practicing gratitude since it’s is exactly that—a practice.

“As simple as it may seem to be thankful, it usually takes a conscious effort and intention to make it a daily occurrence. And it is valuable to make it a practice! Grateful people are happier and healthier—physically, mentally, and emotionally, too. But as with most things healthy, it’s all too easy to forget what makes us feel good and fall into harmful patterns that feel more comfortable at the time. Grumbling and complaining may feel more natural—especially when life is hard or overwhelming—but it’s not ultimately helpful and it certainly doesn’t make you feel any better.”

As Thanksgiving approaches, I have joined the challenge, and printed a sheet for each of my children to make gratitude practice a daily to-do!

Want to join the challenge?  Download the free gratitude challenge printable to track your daily gratitude entries. I’d love to hear from you about how you’re doing with it!

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