Banning Soda From My Body

Last year on February 12th, I vowed not to drink anymore soda. Well I did it for the most part for like … oh, four months. It really did seem to be the key to my weight loss. I already know that soda is loaded with sugar and empty calories, which explains why when I stopped drinking it the pounds slid off me like butter (check out my post on my dining blog, Dining in DC).

Just to make it easier to visualize, 4.2 grams of sugar is a teaspoon. So a 12-ounce can of coca- cola, which has 39 grams of sugar is nearly 9 teaspoons of sugar which is over half a cup! (Here’s a post about banning soda and making it easier to cut  back.) I agree that it’s a lot of sugar for just one drink and a serious waste of 150 calories. That’s doing aerobics (which I hate) for an hour just to burn off that one drink. Yea, no thanks.

So that being said, I’ve decided to try it again … not drinking any soda and see if it helps me stay motivated to eat more healthy, lose weight, and look my best. I did it before and lost nearly 20 lbs. (see early posts), so I already know it works. I just need the will power to keep it up!

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