Can A Virtual Assistant Increase Your Profitability?

We all have our reasons why we started the companies we did. One thing every business owner has in common is the need for the company to be profitable. Today's small businesses are changing their practices to focus on decreasing expenses and increasing revenue, and there are three areas that can help drive these factors. These areas are increasing productivity, streamlining business processes, and delegating tasks. The question is, can a Virtual Assistant have an impact on these factors? Let's explore below...

#1 Boost Productivity

In order to boost your productivity, you will need to measure your operational efficiency on an ongoing basis, and put systems and processes in place that will enable you to get the most from your resources. Hiring a Virtual Assistant can allow you to regularly monitor how many employee hours it takes to perform specific tasks or services, compared to hiring an in house part-time or full-time assistant; this allows you to only spend money on the time needed to complete the task. The more you reduce the amount of money you spend on idle time, the more your bottom line will benefit. The key is communicating your productivity targets and measurements with your VA, so they will have something to aim for.

#2 Streamline Your Processes

By allowing small business owners to focus the bulk of their hours on upper-level duties, virtual assistants indirectly fuel growth. At the same time, they can also have a direct impact on a company's success by streamlining operational efficiencies. 

Whether they are scheduling meetings, communicating with clients, performing market research or focusing on unique organizational responsibilities; virtual assistants have the ability to help small businesses perform like large enterprises. In the right circumstances, virtual assistants also function as a part of a collective unit that's trained to work cohesively on a company's behalf.

For example at CollabVA, a lot of our clients come to us with a need for assistance in streamlining their business processes but really struggle with trusting someone to work on such detailed tasks, while having the same heart and skill that they had when they begin creating the processes for their business. In order to best help this client, we had to function as a member of the team, collaborating with the client to understand the business in and out, in order to work cohesively on their behalf.

With a few simple directives, a small business owner can be comfortable in knowing their VA has a clear understanding of the company's unique needs. As a business owner, when tied down in daily operational duties growth inevitably stalls. With support from virtual assistants, business owners are able to adjust their focus on long-term goals. They also enjoy smoother day-to-day operations that optimize productivity and eliminate waste. 

#3 Delegating Tasks

Depending on your business model and marketing strategy, there are different tasks you can delegate to your VA that will allow you to increase your profit. While your spending your time focusing on other areas of the business. Below are examples of task you could assign.

Researching Leads

Get back time by having your VA take care of the consuming task of researching leads. Provide them with a profile of your perfect prospect, and let them use tools like search engines and social media to find new prospects that you can reach out to.

Contacting Leads

By selecting a VA with strong communication skills and experience, you can assign them the task of contacting leads.

Developing Marketing Material

If inbound marketing is a part of your strategy hiring a VA can be a huge help in developing digital marketing material for your campaigns. For example, creating relevant blog posts, case studies, ebooks, and content can help you publish to generate new leads.

Auxiliary Functions

Any work a Virtual Assistant can do that allows you to allocate more time to lead generation is valuable. VAs can easily cover everyday, time-consuming tasks related to your business, such as social media management or bookkeeping.

We live in a time where efficiency and productivity are essential to the success of any business. Quality and integrity have always been a key contender in the longevity of that success. Invest in a Virtual Assistant Expert who you can grow with today!

Blog Contributor: Ashley Mateen

Ashley Mateen is a client relations expert with strong interpersonal and administrative skills, with hands-on experience in supportive and operational roles offering employers a track record of delivering on tasks accurately, she is an expert when it comes to understanding her clients’ unique needs, with a knack for reading people based on first impressions. Quick, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable in her field. She is passionate about helping business owners with a passion and vision for change, reach their ultimate goals.

CollabVA was created to redefine the executive & assistant relationship by collaborating to achieve their overall professional goals. CollabVA’s story is the story of a person who saw the magic that can be made when two people take their strengths, join forces, and collaborate to accomplish the same purpose, vision, or dream.

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