Do More of What Makes You Happy. Cliche or Truth?


What makes you happy? Hopefully something immediately comes to mind. Perfect … as it was meant to make you ponder. As you think about what it is that would make you a happier person, also keep in mind the most important part of the statement is DO!

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about my purpose. What I am meant to do with my life. It’s a lot of pressure to place on myself, I know. And perhaps maybe the answer is that I need to discover more of what brings me joy. This idea came to me after listening to “I AM” morning affirmations these last few weeks. It’s now a part of my morning routine to listen to at least ten minutes of morning affirmations, often reciting them aloud as I listen. It’s been a powerful experience.

So how does one learn what their life’s purpose is? How does one go about discovering what they are meant to do with the time that they have here on Earth? Finding their true calling? That’s a heavy-handed question. I certainly do admire those who I have met that said they always knew, or it came to them in a moment of clarity.

Live for Today Heather S

I think that many people have great expectations for themselves, their lives, for their careers, but often forget to consider the actions that are needed to make those expectations become a reality. As part of daily life, think about how many times you have stopped to acknowledge different cues on exactly what should be making you happy. But that’s just it…do you actually take the time to be aware of the things around you that can already help make you happy?!

I have a sign on my wall that says, “Never let the things you want make you forget the things that you have.” It hangs over my desk. To me, this is about not neglecting my children because I am an ambition entrepreneur wishing to create the life of my dreams.

“Life is a Journey, not a destination!”

Enjoy the journey of life along the way; follow a path that allows you the most comfort while traveling to each destination along the way, but recognize that the destinations are simply check points along the way; cherish each moment and enjoy the journey of life.

“Happiness is a decision, what will you decide?”

Don’t allow others to get you down. Happiness is really about how you react to the situations not the situation itself. There are going to be ups and downs, but your attitude will determine your true happiness. Another important quote in my life. I have had a rock paper weight on my desk that says, “Attitude is Everything” for about two decades. It’s a reminder for me to keep my “BA” (as my Mother told me) in check.

If what makes you happy is giving, then give more. If what makes you happy is loving, then love more. If what makes you happy is learning, then learn more. If what makes you happy is traveling, then travel more.  Research shows that those that do more, live longer lives. People that do more are healthier, tend to live longer lives. In the end, all of these people are happier because they do.

So what am I trying to say? Well it’s my little epiphany. In order for me to truly discover my life’s purpose I need to do more of what brings me joy.

Or … I can just take Oprah’s handy quickie quiz and call it a day (wink).

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