Failing at Gratitude

Ok, so I’ve come back to this blog a year later, so I’m not totally lost. Apparently the gratefulness did not become a habit. What did I get to? Day 2? Wow, impressive, Lisa (NOT!). I’ve once again been inspired by my friend Kim, aka “Healthy Chick“. Maybe one day I will be the woman of my dreams — who I dream I could be. I only say that because I really want to eat healthy, be slim, be happy, feel good … but I don’t do any of those things to get there. I want to though. Deep down, I really do. I just don’t know where to begin. It’s truly a journey for me. I’m going to keep trying. Maybe one day, I’ll get there.

Last year from February to June, I lost nearly 20 lbs. I looked great and was very proud of myself for sticking to it, but I wasn’t any healthier on the inside. I wasn’t more positive, I wasn’t more kind, I was still my own worst critic. Nothing changed except my pants fit better. Or at least I don’t remember being different. I really want this change, permanently, but how do I do it? Especially when I hate exercising and reading. Ok, not hate, but I’m not naturally inclined to do so.

Reminder For Myself:

“Be thankful for the good things in your life, big and small. Let gratitude become a regular part of your day — a way of living.”

D. Collinsworth says, “Being thankful every time you get into your car, or every time you walk into your place of work. Every time you sit down to eat something. Every time you lay down to sleep in your bed at night.” He adds, “Any moment in your day can be enhanced with space for gratitude, and taking a deep breath at the same time is even better. This practice will radically transform your outlook on life.”

“Consider the idea that the You you’ve been searching for is already present within you, just waiting for conscious connection. Let go of the idea that you need fixing, because deep down, you aren’t really broken. You’ve only taken on layers of concepts, habits and dogmas that aren’t serving you, and certain basic needs have gone unmet for awhile.”

“Instead of trying to be less argumentative and more understanding of the viewpoints of others, simply let go of the need to always be right, the need to win.”

“The process of transformation is really a process of discovery and refinement of who you truly are.”

All of this “stuff” is all fine and good (or sounds great) but what does it really mean? There are so many personal development “healers” or coaches out there, people who are a “Certified Personal and Professional Breakthrough Strategy Coach”. Say what?!! Look at all of these personal development blogs, there are hundreds. Now my head is spinning.

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