Grace Over Guilt


So here I am … again … back to the blog and looking at my posts from 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017. It’s now May 2018. Are you noticing a theme also? Apparently, I have great intentions, albeit fleeting, but don’t end up making lasting change. Yes, I will give myself some credit that in 2012, I lost 20 lbs, but did I keep it off? Nope. I am back to the same weight I was before I started that “lifestyle change” program, if not even a few pounds heavier.

Here’s something that I can be proud of: I’ve made progress, even if it’s baby steps. Thanks a great business coach, Rita Goodroe, Founder of the Women’s Business Garden, she introduced me to her goal-setting “planner” that is designed to help you uncover purpose-filled goals and plan action steps to make what matters happen, annually, seasonally, quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily. Does it work? Absolutely. How do I know? I’ve made progress. 

I’ve made progress with a variety of health & wellness goals, like drinking more water, cutting out soda, meditating, being more active/exercise, growing my MONAT business, and more! So while it’s upsetting to see that I have not conquered ALL of my goals that I set for myself since 2012 … I am making progress. I am giving myself grace over guilt instead of telling myself I’m a failure. It’s even a complete mindset change for me to even say this to myself! THAT is a WIN! Progress Not Perfection, is also a big WIN!

PowerSheets Tending List for May 2018

Like me, PowerSheets have been used by tens of thousands around the world for four years, and have helped women uncover powerful goals, simplify their time and focus. I am posting a snapshot of my May “Tending List” used to break down the goals that you said were purposeful into smaller monthly, weekly, and daily goals. It’s an art, and much harder than you think to create action items daily when you have large lofty annual goals. Phew!

Let me know if you have interest in trying PowerSheets and joining along with me in a little Facebook Accountability Group! 🙂