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Honored to be featured in this episode of the P.O.W.E.R. Plug Podcast! Truly a power packed group!

P.O.W.E.R. Plug Podcast: Episode 44: Virtual Networking Advice During the Coronavirus Crisis and Beyond

In this episode of the #powerplugpodcast, host Mary Foley talks with four leaders of women’s networking groups about how they are helping their members stay connected and growing using virtual networking. As we experience a dramatic change to our personal and professional lives due to the Coronavirus, now more than ever, you need to do virtual networking and do it well.

Hear from our CEO, Lisa Shapiro, Founder of Dcfempreneur with Lee Ann Pond, President of NAWBO Richmond, Theresa David White, Managing Director of EWomenNetwork Northern Virginia and Shanna Kabatznick, CEO and Founder of Fabwomen!

What's even more exciting about this podcast is that it's not just audio (although you can still listen to the audio version through your podcast app or on our website!). This podcast features a video of our fantastic guests.

Watch it here:

Listen and learn:

  • Why it’s important to stay connected virtually, especially during a crisis
  • Creative ways to replace in-person meeting and events using online tools
  • Advice about what to do and what not to do to make new connections in a virtual world
  • How virtual networking impacts introverts, extroverted and ambiverts differently
  • Hidden opportunities with virtual networking because of the Coronavirus crisis
  • The biggest mistakes a woman in business could make right now with virtual networking
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    • CEO Hack: (1) Planning (2) I don’t hesitate when it comes to ideas. I take action and implement immediately.
    • CEO Nugget: (1) Stop standing in your way (2) Don’t get stuck in the comparison track.
    • CEO Defined: Listening and responding to the needs of those you’re supporting.

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A native Washingtonian, Lisa Shapiro holds a BA in Psychology and Master’s in Educational Psychology from George Mason University. Professionally, she has decades of experience in communications, writing, research, digital marketing, and social media. She is a natural community organizer and integrator with a passion for connecting others. A self-described serial entrepreneur who started her own business at age 18, Lisa launched DCfempreneur in January 2019 to connect with other female entrepreneurs to help impact and grow their businesses to make them more purposeful, profitable and sustainable.