Intentional Living Goals Planner: PowerSheets 2019 Launch Day!

Have you ever had something in your life that once you had it you couldn’t imagine your life without it? (All of you coffee addicts are nodding). For me, that’s the PowerSheets, an intentional goal setting planner designed to help you create your own unique path, set intentional goals, and take action towards those goals. The PowerSheets have been completely life-altering for me, in just one year.

Traditional goal-setting doesn’t work for everyone, but purpose-filled goals can. PowerSheets are your daily planner’s best friend, to help you uncover what goals matter most to you and how to make those things actually happen. This isn’t it about doing ALL the things. This is about doing the RIGHT things. 

Lisa PS 2019

PowerSheets have helped me to:
ain more clarity about who I am and what I really want.
✔️Live more intentionally. I was overwhelmed with all that I was doing, but I felt that I lacked direction.
✔️Have a concrete system to stay accountable allowing me to take decisive, daily, action and track my progress towards my goals.
✔️Experience real progress towards my goals.
✔️Have a sense of accomplishment for the first time in years!
✔️Enjoy a sense of community with other PowerSheets users who are like-minded.

Last year, 2017-18, was my first experience with PowerSheets. The prep work seemed intimating, at first. It even felt like therapy (on a page). Yes, after completing a few pages, I cried. It takes a lot out of you to dig that deep. And damnit, it was overdue. Although it was challenging and it certainly took a good amount of time to thoughtfully work through and prepare my goals, I finally had a vision for my goals and goal setting in general.

I have always been planner girl. Since the 1990’s I’ve used a Daytimer, or Franklin Covey Planner, then Lily Pulitzer, then Erin Condren, Day Designer, Happy Planner, etc. but what makes PowerSheets so different is the discovery process that you go through in order to really dig deep to uncover what it is you really want and why. When we connect ourselves to the why and how it would feel to achieve those goals, it makes all the difference, and we are more likely to stay motivated if we connect accomplishing those goals to a feeling.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve set goals for myself with the full intention on making progress … but as you can see from my posts from 2012 till NOW, prior to using the PowerSheets, these goals didn’t always have a true sense of purpose or come to fruition. Never again! Not now! Why? I have PowerSheets to keep me laser focused on what and why.

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Curious about 2019 PowerSheets? I uploaded a Video to Youtube here. 
I go through page by page to really show you each section and how you’d use it.

You know what the best part is? You don’t have to do this alone.
Do you need someone to tell you that you can do it? Want guidance or accountability? I can help!
Start with your very own set of PowerSheets.

Order Your PowerSheets Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at 10am EST!
Don’t wait! It will SELL OUT! Here is the 2019ProductGuideCultivateWhatMatters
to help you decide what you want in the meantime. 

Will you be grabbing your own PowerSheets!?
Leave me a comment below so we can crush our goals together!
Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions!

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