#Last90days Challenge with Author Rachel Hollis

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Have you heard about this challenge by author of Girl, Wash Your Face, Rachel Hollis? The whole purpose of the #Last90Days challenge is to help you become the best version of yourself, which is right up my alley, since it’s been my goal for 2018. I was late to the party and came across the challenge a little late in the game, but since I am knee deep in my PowerSheets goals, I don’t need one more thing, but the message is a strong one.

She insists that our daily habits –both good and bad– determine a what we do each day and therefore, how we live our lives. Hollis says that a large majority of the decisions we make during the day aren’t really decisions at all; they’re actually ingrained habits that we do without conscious thought.

To illustrate this point, close your eyes and think about your everyday routine: waking up, brushing your teeth each morning, taking your medicine or vitamins or driving the same route to work. Do you plan to do those things? No, amiright? They’re just part of our morning routine and how we start each day. By the time we are adults, we don’t need to be told to brush our teeth.

It’s ideal when our ingrained behaviors are beneficial to us, but it can be detrimental when our habits are harmful or negative: stress eating when we are feeling overwhelmed, skipping a workout, or smoking during your lunch break. The idea behind the challenge is that if we do something so consistently for long enough that it actually becomes our new normal, that in doing so we swap out the bad habits for good ones.

So those in this challenge, folks who wish to instill positive, healthy daily habits are provided daily inspiration and resources when the sign up for the (free) challenge via email. In addition to her emails with printouts and other resources, like the launch of her new journal, there are a plethora of online Facebook accountability groups. In fact, in one of the groups, the admin created this amazing one-pager print out that is to die for. Comment below and I will email it to you!

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Check the hashtag #last90days or head to Facebook and look for the #madeformore private group and request an add — you’ll find a community of like-minded people who’ve decided to end the year stronger than ever. Never too late to begin your journey to your BEST self!

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