Coach-Led Masterclass

This program provides a chance to learn from the decades-long successes and experience of our Founding Members, and two levels of support and accountability while learning what you need in order to be successful in your business. During each coach-led Masterclass, you will have the opportunity to share about your business, receive sensible input, helpful guidance & discuss challenges and solutions with your coach and mastermind participants. We're in it together.

Collective Experience

In addition to the Masterclass, the benefit of participating in a mastermind is the ability to learn from the collective experience of the members in the group. Learning from your own trial and error isn't the most efficient. Not only will your coach help to guide your group, but also your fellow members, who've also struggled and overcome the same issues that other members might be going through at that very moment. It's a rare opportunity for networking and getting one-on-one help with your business.

Fempreneur Mastermind

Based on experience of other female entrepreneurs just like you, you will participate in three in-person Masterclasses. Each class includes one in-person coach-led interactive course with one virtual follow-up two weeks after the conclusion of the class. This virtual checkin provides support and accountability to ensure you have implemented what you've learned from the class, to ask questions, and receive specific guidance to ensure more effective results. You will form a cohesive bond with the other Mastermind participants as you go through the program together, both in-person and online. 

Who Should Attend:

All female entrepreneurs who are committed to the growth of their business, while supporting other fellow fempreneurs. Collectively, we thrive from leveraging each other’s knowledge and skills.
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Charging Your Worth

Do you feel stuck and constantly spinning your wheels just to pay the bills? Are you ready to build a business that pays you to utilize your unique strengths and talents? Do you struggle, even though you know what you do can have a huge impact? Ask yourself this: ARE YOU CHARGING YOUR WORTH? It starts with knowing your own value, and what you have to offer beyond the transaction. Come learn how to compose your ideal rates, and get your questions answered to align your work with your worth. In this Masterclass you will also uncover the 5 steps to understanding your V.A.L.U.E. Join us November 14, 2019 11:30-1:30pm led by Coach DeDee Cai with online follow-up 12/5/19.

Unleash the Power of Digital Tools to Work Smarter

In this skills-intensive three month program, you will learn how to leverage digital tools to streamline and automate the routine, administrative tasks you can focus more of your time on income producing activities. In this workshop, Digital Tools for Your Business, the first skills intensive workshop, you will define your digital tools strategy that supports you and your business. You will set up a repeatable process leveraging digital tools for your sales process, managing relationships, and managing information. Finally, you will automate the most common business activities including scheduling appointments, and setting up a tool to automate data collection.

Join us Monday, Oct. 21 11-2pm led by Founding Member and Digital Tools Matchmaker, Mary Sue Dahill with online follow-up Monday, Nov 4. 

Work Smarter with Digital Tools

In the first workshop, Digital Tools for Your Business, you defined your digital tools strategy that supports you and your business. In this second skills-intensive, you will use this strategy to set up a repeatable process leveraging digital tools for your sales process, managing relationships, and managing information.

Why is this important? You need a system for routine tasks. It starts with defining the job, creating reusable information, and setting up the right digital tool to make it easy and repeatable. In this workshop, we will do just that for your sales process, managing relationships & information, and your business cadence. This workshop is designed to help match the job to the right digital tool to streamline.

Join us Monday, Nov. 18 11-2pm led by Founding Member and Digital Tools Matchmaker, Mary Sue Dahill with online follow-up Monday, Dec 2 11-2pm.

BONUS 1: Private Fempreneur Mastermind Facebook Group

With your membership, you will have access to our Private Facebook Community exclusively for Mastermind participants. Inside we will offer follow-up accountability for our Masterclasses, share tips, marketing strategies to grow your business, and of course - opportunities to connect with other members in the Mastermind, even if they were not in your Masterclass.

BONUS 2: Fempreneur Mastermind Business Directory

With your membership, you will have the opportunity to add your business, contact info, logo, and social media profiles to the Fempreneur Mastermind business Directory, exclusively for Mastermind participants. A great opportunity to be seen, and connect with other members in the Mastermind, even if they are not in your Masterclass.

How to Enroll in The Fempreneur Mastermind:

  1. Review the Masterclass descriptions and Dates. Cohort 2 will be held at the Office Evolution Tysons.
  2. Check your calendar to ensure you can attend on all those dates and times, including virtual follow-up sessions.
  3. Sign-up and choose your payment method.
  4. There are only 10 allowable seats maximum for each Masterclass, so don't wait!
  5. That's it! You may add your business info/logo to the Mastermind Directory with your enrollment, which is optional.
  6. Make sure you're part of our SECRET Facebook Group!

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