More Testimonials:
Farah Broom who attended and became a Founding Member as a result, said, "What a joy to have met so many talented women at Saturday's event. I learned a lot from the Founding members and enjoyed learning about everyone's business. We can all learn a lot from each other!"

Carla Delcarpio-Vega said, "It was an awesome afternoon. Filled with so much passion. Love all the speakers, their enthusiasm and hearth. Thanks Lisa. Once again you are doing a great job moved by your hearth. Love it!"

June 1, 2019

DCfempreneur Luncheon

Founding Member, Kelly Ryan said, "The founders luncheon was inspiring. There are so many savvy business leaders I am looking forward to learning from. Thank you for putting this group of collaborators together. It is great to be around women who are looking to lift each other up and help one another learn about business practices, establishment of relationships and technology to help us with it all."

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