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We've launched a podcast! Now what? The Who & What of the DCfempreneur Podcast.

Episode 2: May 21, 2019

The DCfempreneur Podcast helps further our mission to support female entrepreneurs by providing helpful information, tools, and insight to impact female owned businesses to make them become even more purposeful and profitable. Frequent guests will include the DCfempreneur Founding Members and other extraordinary female entrepreneurs, with a focus on those in the Washington, DC area.

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  • Are you visible in your business? Are you clear on who your ideal client is and where to find them? September 20, 2020
    If you want to grow a successful business to live your purpose and create the life of your dreams, then putting yourself out there and showing up is crucial. Hopefully some of the information covered in this podcast will help you think more about the visibility for your business. If people don't see you, hear […]
  • Are you feeling the Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure? April 10, 2020
    Are you feeling the Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure? Living our daily lives amidst this virus pandemic is enough stress. We face enough stress in life without putting more on ourselves, but that's exactly what many of us are doing right now by thinking that because we are stuck at home we are supposed to be doing […]
  • Crowdfunding Amid COVID-19 March 17, 2020
    Today we hosted our first virtual coffee chat. One key takeaway was a saying that “When fishermen can’t get to sea, they mend their nets”. This is what we are doing amid this virus pandemic. One of the tasks I’ve decided I now have time for is preparing a Crowdfunding campaign for The Fempreneur Collaborative. […]
  • What the Lesson of Stone Soup Teaches Us January 23, 2020
    Have you heard of the story of "Stone Soup"? There are many variations on the story of stone soup, but the moral of the story is the same. Take a listen.  DCfempreneur is celebrating 1 Year! We are celebrating one year of community, growing together, becoming better and stronger -- together! Join us on Wednesday, […]
  • A Decade in Review December 12, 2019
    We have heard it a million times: "Life is Short". We have limited time on Earth, but we can live our lives to the fullest everyday. Are you truly living life to its fullest? Are you spending time on what matters most (to you)? This is a question I revisit every year when I work […]
  • S2:E4 Dr. Alyssa Adams October 16, 2019
    In this episode, Lisa Shapiro, host sits down with Dr. Alyssa Adams to discuss how she empowers entrepreneurs to grow their side hustle so they can leave their soul sucking job and make even more money doing what they love. Listen in to hear about how she went from Clinical Psychologist to starting her own […]
  • S2, E3: The MultiPassionPreneur Jen September 24, 2019
    Today's guest, Jennifer Crawford is DCfempreneur's newest Founding Member and is a well-known DC area multi-passionpreneur who takes on new projects wherever and whenever she sees a need isn't met. Her multiple business ventures has led her to financial independence, and a life-long love for business and entrepreneurship. She is the co-Founder of DCpodfest, and […]
  • S2, E2: Meet The Technology Matchmaker September 9, 2019
    Today's podcast was with Mary Sue Dahill, Founder of MSD Advisors & Technology Matchmaker dives into setting up systems and automation using technology tools for solopreneurs and micro-businesses. Everyday she works with clients to help them automate tedious administrative tasks using technology customized to their business needs to avoid the high cost of hiring. After […]
  • Season 2, Ep. 1: Girl Meets Food September 5, 2019
    Season 2 of the DCfempreneur Podcast kicks off with a VIVID interview with Mary Kong DeVito of Girl Meets Food. She is not only a dear friend, Food blogger, Tastemaker, but Podcast Host herself. In this episode, we cover everything from Mary growing up in a Chinese household in New York City where her family’s […]
  • Episode 12: Who are the Founding Members? July 18, 2019
    Episode 12:  Meet the DCfempreneur Founding Members. These thirteen ambitious and driven women are talented, knowledgeable, and dedicated experts in their field.  As Founding Members, they are committed to help support the local fempreneur community.  It is our collective belief that we all benefit from sharing in each other’s knowledge and skills. Ready to […]