Professional Branding Photography Experience Offered

Would you agree that there is more to branding your business than just your logo? Since, you as the business owner are the face of your brand, your images should effectively communicate who you are and what you do.

With this very important concept, we have created an amazing branding experience with Melissa Demple PhotographyWith a little bit of pampering by professionals, this experience will make sure you look your best and capture your brand for the world to see. The result? Professional high-quality images that truly communicate your brand to help grow your business!

Every time you see your headshot, you think you should have it updated, but haven't gotten around to it, or something is holding you back?
Not sure about the right outfit and accessories for your brand?
Unsure about the right hairstyle and makeup for a professional look?
Don't like being in front of a camera?
Well, you are in luck! We will have a personal stylist on hand to help you pick the right outfit AND even let you borrow some accessories to perfect your style. Hair and makeup? Done for you!

Sounds amazing, right? Just come with clean hair and face and our team of professional hair and makeup artists will do the rest. If you are worried about how you look in photographs, Melissa, a professional brand photographer has you covered.

By the time you have been pampered, styled and made up, you will look and feel fabulous! AND Melissa has years experience making people feel comfortable in front of the lens.

Ready to book? GOOD! Join us for some fun!
March 28 - 29: Two Dates & Two Locations!
Includes professional styling, makeup and hair plus high-quality images that truly communicate your brand to help grow your business! Click here to pick your time slot!

**Founding Members, receive two photos from their experience!

GRAND PRIZE: Anyone who books the Branding Photography Experience - DC or VA has a chance to win a Complimentary Personal Color Analysis ($264 value) with Melany Carlos of House of Colour, Arlington!!!

This Grand Prize is perfect for our Branding Experience attendees. Everyone deserves to know their WOW colors.
Did you know that you have a unique personal coloring to celebrate?
Did you also know that your unique skin tone, eye and hair color cause some colors to enhance your appearance?
The concept of personal color analysis started as early as the 1920's with Johannes Itten's work with the color wheel. Wearing colors that harmonize with your 'personal palette' will make you look younger, healthier, brighter and even thinner.
A Personal Color Consultation is a 2-3 hour service designed to discover and celebrate YOU. Using a sophisticated process and principles of color science, House of Colour uses a time-tested process to discover your color season.
After defining your personal color palette, we will match mineral powder and blush to your personal coloring, and then help you find YOUR perfect lipsticks!
This very personalized service is part of what we call the 90 Second Makeup miracle. You will leave with a leather wallet of 36 colors personalized to you AND with a new confidence in yourself.
Includes leather wallet with your specific color swatches and a descriptive booklet full of helpful tips!

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  1. Hey Lisa! This looks like an amazing experience. I love that you’ve combined branding, photography and color analysis. So key to making a great brand photo. Nicely done!

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