The Elusive Morning Routine and Why It Sets Up Your Day For Success

Do you have a “Morning Routine”? And no, I am referring to the mindless things that we do without thinking, like brushing our teeth and washing our face. I am actually referring to the very intentional actions that we ourselves decided was important for us to do in order to set ourselves up for success each day, for example practicing gratitude, journaling, meditating, doing yoga, exercise, or the like.
Many experts, including life coaches believe that how you spend the first hour of your morning sets the tone of your entire day: Proactive vs. Reactive.

Most of us would agree that it’s not always possible to plan how our day goes, but we can certainly make choices about how we begin and end each day to ensure we get our important things done first before we have to become reactive and deal with putting out our fires. It’s well-known that many successful people in the world, from the late Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs to Arianna Huffington, know how to leverage their mornings to ensure that they start their day on a positive and productive note. Have you tried it?

As part of my morning routine, I now listen to a YouTube video of I AM morning affirmations, listen to a podcast, write in my “Five Minute Journal”, and I do short exercises after drinking my protein shake. Don’t be too impressed. It took me years to get into this routine, but now it’s like second nature. I am still working on it though … How did I do it?

“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.”

– Mark Twain

As a person who loves their sleep, hates to wake up early last year in 2018, I participated in a program that Coach, Rita Goodroe created called, “Wake Up and Win”.

Rita Goodroe is a business mentor and strategist that helps women entrepreneurs learn to take bold action in their business. This program not only helped me establish not only a morning routine, it also helped me understand why practicing gratitude, journaling, and being consistent by taking action on my goals, every day, regardless of how I feel is so important. This truly is more than a program to help you wake up earlier.
You craft a morning routine that works for YOU, because everyone is different so shouldn’t our mornings be as well?

The last go around, I believe was in September 2018. I made a promise to myself that I’d participate fully. That I’d make the most of my participation in the program. Rita provides more than thirty journaling prompts to help you dig deeper as a business owner so that you are able to achieve more in both your life AND business. She also created daily business building (that is revenue generating) actions. These actions are easy to implement and are designed to help you grow your business.

What a great way to kick of the new year:
*Creating intentional mornings
*Getting more done in less time
*Making more sales
*Growing as a business owner
*Increasing your visibility
*Creating powerful connections
and more…

Be sure to tell Rita that the DC Fempreneur sent you! Comment below if you do actually sign up. I would want to make sure I say hello in our group!

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