The Healing Power of Gratitude: An Experiment in Self Healing

Thanks to my friend, Daphne Domingo, I recently, a came across a link to a blog called, “Metta Drum” and in a recent post the author, Daniel Collinsworth discussed a daily activity in which you practice being thankful for little things throughout the day, and ending each day with gratitude for at least 5 people or events that happened that day.

The blogger said, “I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that it is changing my life.” He offered a challenge. Starting today, begin creating space throughout your day for gratitude. Say a quiet “thank you” out loud or in your mind whenever one of your needs or desires is being met, whether it’s through the kindness of a friend or a coffee pot making your morning cup of coffee. Be thankful for the good things in your life, big and small. Let gratitude become a regular part of your day — a way of living.”

So I started this blog, “The Yin 2 My Yang“: my way of “creating space so that I could begin this very exercise and have a private space to do so. At some point, I may share my thoughts with close friends and family, when I am ready.

Collinsworth said, “Something very special happens when you focus your awareness on gratitude. Your mind illuminates. The tension in your body eases up a little bit. The Now becomes free-flowing and a sense of joy unfolds. This is because gratitude is an acknowledgment of Oneness. It’s a way of connecting to Oneness in a very intimate way. Think about something right now that you are thankful for, and notice how present you become. The feeling of lightness radiating from your center. The feeling of love and connection. Now, imagine going beyond what you are accustomed to, and bringing gratitude into the center of your day-to-day awareness — making it a way of living.”

Due to recent developments or lack thereof in my life, I’ve decided that I am ready to search for more meaning in my life. I am on a quest to find happiness (whatever that means). On a daily basis, I will post about my attempts at learning to being thankful. Here goes – hopefully something.

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