To Juice or Not to Juice … That is the Question

I’ve been spending a lot of time talking to fellow food bloggers about how disgusted we are about our weight.

Specifically, we complain to each other how unhappy we are about it and how we need to lose weight. Honestly, it’s like a catch 22. We love food, write about food, think about food, talk about food, dream about food, and then complain about what we eat. Does that make any damn sense?

Here’s my thought: If everything you do is about food, no wonder we’re fat, right? We need to stop making what we put in our mouths the focus of our entire day, week, month … our whole lives. Truth is, for many of us (I’m looking at you, ladies) we use food as a control mechanism or a stress reliever, or a way to drown our sorrows. It’s not a great way to express emotion, but it seems to be quite common. Paradoxical. I know that it’s true for me, too. When I’ve having a bad day, all I care about is getting something comforting which usually equates to something fried, fatty, or filled with sugar. Now that I’ve vowed not to drink soda, I’m going to try and eat healthier too.

At the same time, a friend of mine, Jen, who has an incredible food blog called Savory Simple which focuses mainly on cooking and recipes decided to start a private Facebook Group for support. Of course, I’m a member. In the matter of hours this evening, I’ve agreed to a “Daily Challenge” of 100 squats, learning more about Flax seeds (I own an unopened bag of Chia Seeds), and decided I’d try and juice.

So … who juices? Health nuts? I don’t know, but people rave about it. I guess I have nothing to lose (but lbs.).

One of my favorite websites, has an entire page on Smoothies and Shakes. I’m going to try it out. My plan is to try and substitute a meal or snack with a smoothie or juice. First step for me is to choose some recipes and buy some kale or spinach. Ugh! Am I really doing this?!

Do you Juice? If so, why do you juice and what are your suggestions for a beginner?! Thanks!

2 thoughts on “To Juice or Not to Juice … That is the Question”

  1. I’m still shuddering over the whole “100 squats” thing. I just may have to buy new knees after we do those. I’m one of the old farts of the group! Lol

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