In a World Full of Trends, Remain a Classic

The current popular color palate in home décor is predominantly grey. Don’t get me wrong, I like grey. I painted my Laundry Room grey before it was the color of the decade. It’s neutral, clean and you can choose from a multitude of shades. I like it because it lends well to an accent color. Like red.

I love red. Now, don’t go psychoanalyzing me based on my color preference. I don’t believe personality traits can be identified through hue fondness. I trust we are far more complicated beings than that!

But my love for red has been long standing. I have incorporated the passionate color into my home décor since I have been living on my own. There was a time when red was the popular color. But not so much lately. Instead, grey has taken center stage and red has become a lesser known stagehand.

I will be honest, I have given thought to getting rid of some of my red décor, but I don’t. Why? Because while I don’t have any aversions to grey, my loyalty to red supersedes the latest craze. And just because that may not be the trendy color today, doesn’t mean my preference should change.

This is true in entrepreneurship. Have you noticed certain buzzwords become popular and suddenly everyone is speaking the same robotic language, yet nobody seems to really understand the point being made?

  • Level Up
  • Game Changer
  • Mompreneur/Boss Babe/Girl Boss
  • The Uber of… {insert any word here}

Do any of these sound familiar?

Hint: if you want to clearly identify who the imitators are online, listen to how their vocabulary begins to mirror that of whom they are following/worshipping. 

Authenticity (aka: Keeping it real) does not conform to social trends. Authentic people understand the importance of remaining true to themselves and the clients in which they serve. Why would you want to separate yourself from your people by communicating to them in a manner they are not accustomed or understand? This instills confusion and a lack of trust.

Self-Awareness (aka: Know who you are and own it) separates real entrepreneurs from “wanna bes”. “Wanna bes” think of themselves and where they want to be while entrepreneurs are focused on the big picture – providing a quality service/product to their community, constantly improving and devising plans on how to make an impact while earning an income.

Trust is critical. Nobody will follow you, purchase from you or recommend you if they don’t trust you. You can’t effectively serve clients if they will not follow your lead. Plain and simple.

Advocacy for the client and not for the glory. Successful business owners put clients first and are motivated by the impact/results not by egocentric recognition and money-driven tendencies. Successful entrepreneurs are focused on people, quality and service not their ego.

Be authentic – be true to yourself, the clients you serve, the people you love and to the life you live.

In a world full of trends, remain a classic.

Grey may compliment other colors, but red keeps it interesting!

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